CB05 – Grinder Engine Load Controller


JEMM Controls, Inc. manufactures and repaires electronics and a hydraulic valve for agricultural and industrial grinding equipment. Covering both fuel and electric motor load control.

The CB05 is an engine load controller that is manufactured for use on grinding equipment. It has been designed to provide a steady output of material without straining the engine.


Mode Switch


The MODE SWITCH toggles into three positions:


This position is for automatic loading of the engine according to the FEED knob setting where the CALIBRATE knob changes the range of the FEED knob. Set to AUTO for automatic engine loading and adjust the degree of engine loading with the FEED knob.


This position removes power from the control circuitry. Set to OFF removes all electrical power from the CB05 circuitry, which in turn stops the grinder tub, given the switch, and the valve, and the cables are working correctly.


This position is for running the grinder’s tub at maximum RPM. Set to MANUAL will apply the system battery voltage to the solenoid coil on the valve and therefore cause the grinder tub to rotate at full speed. Use a voltmeter to verify the system voltage is reaching the solenoid when there are problems with tub rotation not going to maximum RPM.



Set the CALIBRATE knob full counterclockwise to stop the tub when the mode toggle switch is in AUTO and when the engine is at full throttle



Set the FEED knob full counterclockwise to stop the tub when the mode toggle switch is in AUTO and when the CALIBRATE knob is properly adjusted and the engine is at full throttle.



If the POWER light is off, then the system battery power is not getting to the CB05 circuitry. The CB05 or system wiring is faulty when the CB05 allows voltage to get to the solenoid of the valve when thins lamp is OFF.



The SENSOR light is ON when the input signal getting inside the CB05 is of enough magnitude (>2V RMS) and high enough frequency (>300Hz). Check this lamp if the system will not operate when the CB05 mode toggle switch is in MANUAL to be sure the input signal getting inside the CB05 is adequate. This light is OFF when the input signal getting inside the CB05 is either too low in magnitude or frequency.

Setup of the CB05 Engine Loading Control Knobs

For setting up the CB05 for use, follow these steps:

  1. Set engine to desired grinding RPM
  2. Set CALIBRATE and FEED knobs to full clockwise.
  3. Move switch on control box to AUTO.
  4. Turn CALIBRATE knob counter-clockwise until tub just starts to turn.  NOTE: this knob will turn 10 full revolutions.
  5. Turn FEED knob counter-clockwise until maximum desired tub speed is reached.
  6. Begin grinding. Adjust feed knob as needed.
  7. If engine RPM drops too much, turn the FEED knob clockwise.
  8. If engine RPM drops too little, turn the FEED knob counter-clockwise.
  9. CALIBRATE knob will need to be adjusted if engine RMP is changed.