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Disassembling & Cleaning the CV98 Valve

The following directions detail the process of cleaning a CV98. These steps ensure longevity for your valve as wear on the unit will cause decreased quality over long periods of time or use. Performing the following operation will make the warranty on your CV98 null and void. Attempt this process with care and utmost attention to detail of the instructions provided.

Parts List

  1. Valve Body
  2. End Block
  3. Compensating Spool
  4. Metering Spool
  5. Compensating spring 15GPM Valve Compensating spring 25GPM Valve
  6. Metering Spring; Price
  7. O-ring 1 1/8 ID by 1 1/4 OD, AS568 size number 024 – BUNA N D70
  8. Meter Spool Orifice, where XX is the 9 volt flow rate in GPM (such as 15 for a 15 GPM valve)
  9. (4) 1/4 x 20 x 1.25″ long, hex socket head cap screws
  10. (4) #10x24x.75″long hex
  11. Linear Solenoid

CAUTION! When disassembling this valve, be sure to take it apart in an conscious and organized manner. It is very important to put it back together in the exact, original order. If one part is put back in the wrong way or is missing, the valve will not work properly. Disassembling valve voids warranty.

  • Be sure the spools are inserted into the valve in the same placement as shown
  • Keep springs positioned as they were prior to disassembly to avoid incorrect placement

Process of Disassembly

1. Remove 4 screws (#10) that attach the Linear Solenoid (#11) to the valve (#1).
2. Remove the steel end block (#2) holding the spring (#5) opposing the solenoid pressure on the pilot spool. An orifice fits into the open end of this spring.

To Clean:

Use a 3M Wetordry sand paper (which can be commonly found in auto stores) or a similar product with 600-1200 grit.

A grit of lesser value will cause groves and ruin the valve. A higher grit will not remove the tarnish film effectively which is what the cleaning process is designed to accomplish.

Reassemble Notice: Disassembling valve voids warranty. Follow these directions closely.